Quality Driven, Customized Inbound Travel Experiences in Sri Lanka and Maldives


istas Colombo is a young Destination Management Company based in Sri Lanka, with a key focus on quality driven, customized inbound travel experiences in Sri Lanka and Maldives for individual travelers, groups and corporate clients. The team has 15 years of collective experience in the tourism and leisure industry and strives to provide its guests with the best deals. We pay a great deal of attention to include local seasonal festivals in our bespoke packages and to suggest better choices according to our clients’ age, taste, diets, strenuousness and other factors like kids in the group, to reflect the diversity within the country, thereby revealing the depth of the Sri Lankan travel experience. Close proximity to the Republic of Maldives has made it a vital part of our practice to combine our Sri Lankan tours with a concluding beach vacation in the heavenly Maldives.

Tourist Attractions in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is known for endless miles of rolling tea-carpeted hills, scenic train rides, breathtaking waterfalls, precious stones, incalculable number of historic Buddhist temples almost around every corner, diversity of climates and ever smiling locals. We have on offer some of the most delightful tourist attractions from beaches along the Sri Lankan and Maldivian coasts, to wild life and national parks, cultural and historical places including 08 UNESCO World Heritage sites, as well as locations of interest for nature and adventure. As a matter of fact, majority of our bespoke packages features a number of uncommon or off the beaten path sites. Sadly, these true hidden gems are scarcely given prominence to by other local DMCs, which makes us feel special in a modest way.

Accommodation in Sri Lankan Hotels
Sri Lanka has an array of choices in terms of comfortable accommodation that leaves guests revitalized and rejuvenated. We enjoy a good partnership with hotels that range from yoga and ayurvedic resorts, boutiques, beach, colonial planters bungalows and rusty eco resorts that are scattered all across the island.

Package Tours in Sri Lanka
We showcase a wide variety of packages, ranging from adventure, to honeymoon, luxury, family, culture and heritage, nature and wildlife, culinary and much more. Our clients have the option of picking their tailor-made experience.